Sparren met Acteur (Sparring with an Actor) offers the space to learn and grow; to stumble and fall and get back on your feet again. How? By doing.

As a trainer I use simple and effective exercises from my theatre background. As an actor I play different roles with behaviour on demand. Ultimate goal is that participants gain insight in their behavioural patterns. Together we find new ways that make them better communicators. Strong communicators make a successful organisation.

Sparren met Acteur is Heleen Brinkman, a bilingual actress with a Master’s and teacher’s degree in English working since long with culturally diverse groups. I’m familiar with a wide variety of work forms and communication theories. My biggest advantage is that I speak English like a native and have a thorough understanding of Dutch society.

My introduction on video:

You can hire Sparren met Acteur for:

Training sessions

I develop and facilitate active sessions on cooperation, giving/receiving feedback and assertiveness. I’m open to collaboration with (internal) trainers. I also do role plays, give feedback and support the trainer.

Forum theatre

The audience directs a scene to a desirable outcome. I write and perform the scene(s) together with a second actor.

Serious games, e-learning modules and presentations

Visuals in which I act to convey a ‘lesson’.

One on One session

prepares individuals in max. two hours on e.g. a job interview or a demanding presentation. I put people in their true power and prepare them for success.

Peer intervision

to help clarify complicated cases by acting out situations and discussing possible approaches.

Creating and facilitating workshops

Making Acts

Entices participants into creativity. Working on specific themes they learn to cooperate and think in possibilities. A hilarious and effective way to change the atmosphere in teams for the better.

Play with Behaviour

Combines the theory of Leary’s Rose with improvising assignments. Participants gain insight in the mechanics of behaviour.